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Rod Dreher: What the Muslim Brotherhood means for the U.S.

By Rod Dreher Editorial Contributor and Columnist Dallas Morning News:

What the Muslim Brotherhood means for the U.S.
Memo presented in Dallas Trial lays bare group's plans to destroy U.S. from within

11:17 AM CDT on Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rod Dreher says "This has to stop!" referring to America's failure to address Islam's subversive attack from within.

What's wrong with starting anti-violent cult legislation now?!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Islamic Anti-Violent Cult Legislation and Criminal / Civil Fraud Litigation


In the article (Ban Islam?) inspiring my response in this piece, Dr. Daniel Pipes made a quick and current survey of new calls for attempts to control Islam, meaning the Koranic verses ordering violent (of the killing and often slaughtering kind) action. Some article comments included recommendations by western countries' leaders to ban the religion / political group and culture. Others, as legislators, were accumulating votes needed to criminalize the Koran, comparing it to Mien Kampf, Adolph Hitler’s 1924 book describing his plan and subsequent attempts to rule the world. Dr. Pipes gave his “take” on the question of what to do with Islam. I’m publishing a response to his "take" here because in my work, trauma management involving interventions on cult organizational structures was a routine requirement of my consultations, operational applications of the ETM formula for addressing perpetrators of system controls through violence, and continuing writings as program (ETM) adaptations to theorectical constructs. In fact, I wrote one book, Guerrilla Warfare’s Pathogenesis and Cure, to explain how to disable the use of terrorism used by lesser forces to achieve war and political ends. I’ll write more about this at another time. But for now, here is my “take," which is unique as the only etiotropically focused trauma manager on the subject, and what I recommended to do about the infamous and notorious cult, advertised to laymen despite the continuing deaths it causes worldwide, a peaceful religion, Islam.

Note: In its original submission form, this article's audience consisted of very knowledgeable readers of Islamic and anti-radical Islamic literature. Hence, some of the discussion may not be readily understood by those of you with treatment (ETM TRT) backgrounds only. Later, I will publish the ever growing bibliography supporting that subject, Islam's declarations embodied in the Koran and Sunnah for its charter.

Title: Anti-Violent Cult Legislation and Criminal / Civil Fraud Litigation Against Islam as a Means of Preventing Incalculable Numbers of Dead in the Accelerating War with that Cult.

Good review, Dr. Pipes. But same traumatized analysis and consequent conclusions. Sort out the general moderate, whoever that is. Talk sense (logic) to him as if he were not a member of a cult where his life is over with the wrong word. Arrest / deport bad thinking Islamists, whoever they are. And convince the left that we have to pull together (not exactly a part of this article's thesis).

Those of us who have read a few Koranic verses plus some good books by non apologist authors, not to mention Bin Laden's and Zawahiri's treatises published in "The Al Qaeda Reader" among other good places, know that as you guys keep hanging our security on your abilities to convert Islamic moderates into doing something constructive and lasting from within Islam, you turn us regular citizens into ducks on a pond full of alligators, each of them representing some sort of unidentified Muslim, who at any moment will have his second epiphany (the first being the call to Islam).

That second psychic inspiration as you know is lurking in the notion that allah wrote the Koran and it calls for not just defensive but offensive slaughter of infidels, specifically saying that if they (the moderate brothers) don't join the real jihad and help kill their non muslim friends (excuse me, I mean unbelieving significant others. Muslims don't have non believer friends), then the moderate brothers will be killed because they've proved that they are apostates. If they believe in Allah as the true author of Muhammad's organizational management schizoid caused hallucinations (hurt feelings? Get therapy!), then those Muslim moderates are always sure to be confronted by their Allah-loving peers about doing their true Muslim duty. That is again, giving up backsliding and begin slaughtering people as devinely instructed.

Defensively or offensively, it doesn't matter. Given the great psychopathic mind that this Allah has (or had), he has the ever continuing requirement to slaughter humankind covered both ways. And showing his understanding of basic non violent human inclinations, and how easily they can be rattled by a sharp thinker, allah even also interpreted before they (Muhammad's moderates) would that they wouldn't like killing seemingly otherwise innocent people. They might even also detest killing not so innocent people, like unbelievers. But as his prophet (the messenger) said in verse 87528 of the pre Bukari edited Hadith, and as aptly reminded by the single most UNconfused Muslim in the universe, Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri, "Somebody's got to do it to keep me (allah) happy."

This thing, whole thing, Islam, is a world class cult intended for the demise of the human species. For 1400 years it's been sending your moderates into contiguous countries so that they could get oppressed, have their feelings hurt, and rise up with the invading Muslim armies to annihilate the previous owners of the now and new for eternity, "Muslim lands."

Listen to me learned people! There NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER will be anything called moderate Islam. Only in your terrorism traumatized dreams and frightened hopes is there such an entity. Surely, the great anti-Islam Word Warrior Dr. Pipes, the indefatigable and perpetually and unjustly accused Islamophobic (but the truest badge of honor and courage) Robert Spencer, and you folks providing commentaries are not going to keep dancing with this moderate Islam mess of a thesis. To survive, you have to shake that trauma caused delusion about Islamic moderation out of your heads and confront the roots of this battle now while we still have the capacity.

Above all, when you deal with split mind cult members and no doubt their rulers, generalities like we have to support moderates somehow through high intellect reasoning and factual information is inadequate and showing only your ignorance of cult functionings (no matter your unparalleled knowledge of Islamic history and sayings). Muhammad had your arguments figured out and stopped a millennium or so before you came on the scene. You all, despite your tremendous bravery and leadership skills, are going to be rolled over as were your quartrillion predecessors when facing the screaming terrifying Muslim hoards of the first and second millennia.

Here are 2 specifics that will do the job to put Islam away in its last century on earth, the 21st.

First, we must enact anti-violent cult legislation with Islam as the focus. France and a popular Muslim in Algeria already said that a couple of years ago on MEMRI and some other important places. To that end, we have to initiate through the Congressional Islam study group federal prohibitions against individual rights-stripping and violence-ordained organizations where their bylaws give them their cult definition operational controls and identity. Make Islam the primary focus of the legislation, as its theories and methods are readily available within the Koran and Sunnah for congressional, legal and yes even media exegesis. Identification of a socially based organization as a cult as a political control process as opposed to its being a religion will have no trouble with the religion amendment to the US Constitution.

Give your moderates an opportunity to become prideful apostates of the cult and new believers and members in something better, or at least a little less dramatic and clearly Islamic like, but with refinement. For example, it can keep all the harmless and beneficial advice about how and when to pray, and how to clean shoes. It can add some things like "love everybody" not just the oath of Islam takers, and kill nobody just because someone doesn’t think like you (or allah). That new formation will have Federal mandated guidelines for establishment of their new political group's religious parameters. They should and will conform with the International promulgations for all political, to include religious, activities. That is, the declarations may not advocate anywhere, much less demand, violence or anything else that strips members of their basic individual human rights.

Call the new religion "Islam II The Sequel", or “Islam Without the Real Satanic Verses: a Violence Free Approach to Arab Religion,” or as one good Muslim leader in North Africa has proclaimed the title, that represents his extremely admirable work in trying to separate Islam from its violent self, “Protestant Islam.” Hammer the anti-cult legislation’s constitutional validity out in the US courts where jive talk doesn't testify to one meaning in English, and its opposite in Arabic.

Second, file suit and charges, respectively, against Islamic organizations including all Mosques in Federal court for civil and criminal fraud and inducement to defraud American citizens. The fraud is the representation of itself, Islam, as a peaceful religion, while trying to hide during prothelization of new converts the fact, among many, that the bylaws (Koran and Sunnah) require that they (new members) be killed if they should decide to try Buddhism or such for a while, after having joined up. How long do you think Islam would remain the fastest growing religion if they say on their brochure’s front page “If you change your mind and try to leave Islam once committed, you will be killed. So be sure!”?

Islam, following its 1000+ years old marketing model constantly seeks members under that single ploy, not to mention in this comment for lack of space a trillion others. Strengthen the litigation by including as co-defendants to the fraud claims Universities like Southern California that for political correctness purposes sell the peaceful religion representation of Islam by obfuscating in its public education materials the facts of Islamic literature that demonstrate in unequivocal terms the horrendous history and documentation of Islam's intent and record, not to mention leaving the risks inherent in even studying Islam without considering the world social ramifications of reaching a negative conclusion. To meet 2007-11 advertising and investment (money raising) requirements, full disclosure of ALL prospective negatives MUST be presented forthrightly in full view for a solicitee's study and appraisal.

Prepare to fight the Caliphate that will form worldwide immediately following initiation of anti-violent cult legislation and fraud criminal charges and civil litigation against Islam and conspiring academia. The ensuing war, albeit unlikely due to Islam's declarations from the Sunnah to not invade without an obvious victory in sight, if it ever comes about will be simple to fight and winnable. It will be against a readily identifiable enemy with an unambiguous title, the old "Islam" sticking to its belief in allah ordained jihad, of the slaughtering type, but no longer hidden by its convoluted and mind splitting claims of intended annihilation on the one hand by jihadists, and the whining "We are an oppressed religion of peace" by your fence striding moderates.

Attending that two pronged and now, since the secular intervention by the American Constitution and its body of laws, clearly delineated scam is an equally unambiguous statement of war upon this country. If the old Islam demands it, we can then conduct that war with all of America's undivided strengths accordingly. It's not likely that Islam will take us on. Its members are comprised primarily of cowards who hold off their set piece confrontations until they have the numbers, or until they've eroded the will of their adversaries with repetitious offensive trauma management techniques (terrorism's murder of innocents in the Dar al Harb) designed to paralyze otherwise strong and different minded people,  and after their organization's individual objectionists are dead. Challenge them directly now; then fight them if that is what they want. Such a conflict will not cost as much in human lives, by either side, if fought today as it will later (in a couple of years) costs if we don't act immediately.

We can save a lot of people, not to mention a wonderful civilization, with some to-the-point anti-violent cult legislation and equally exacting litigations that tightly target the purveyors of this replicating use of offensive trauma management techniques to undergird its world control diabolical scheme called Islam. Right now (written originally in 2007) the blogesphere is our best bet. It, with the help of the Pipes, Spencers, the brave authors who've left Islam, the Bostoms, Emersons, Phillips (Britain), Gabriels, Malkins, Ibrahams and other heroes of our time, to include you commentators who've seen this war long before the rest of us started catching on after 9/11, and who with the referenced great authors, can bring these legal changes about, and only if we anti-Islamists pull together. There is no one else but you who can do this. If we beat Islam so that we survive with our lives, and our wonderful civilization prevails and continues to get even better in the centuries to come, it will be because of the work that you have already done, and the great sacrifices of life made by our majestic military service men and women who are keeping, for the time being at least, these wanton killers from the insides of our homes, schools, buildings that remain, and the places of worship that attend to the individual needs of the hearts and minds of our citizenry.

But no matter these accolades, and my love of and appreciation for you, it's time now for you to move us forward again. Replace "Islamic Moderates" with Islam II The Sequel. Underpin with cut and dry declarations that separate political Islam (Sharia, violent Jihad, Dhimmi rules, supremacist ideology, and the concept of Dar al-Harb) from its religious component. Assure organizational love and caring of fellow men and women and not horror, depravity of intellect, liquidation of ontology and constant violent death. The remaining spiritual stuff will get true believers to heaven, paradise or the afterlife in a nanosecond and save us non affiliates from being randomly clobbered when we go to the mall. We can leave what the real Allah wants to those people who derive those kinds of understandings, and who truly believe that it is our nature to solve problems resulting from differences between people with love and caring, and most importantly without the shackling of encumbrances that attend communications from a madman of 1400 years ago, but who is still with us today through his declarations to spread carnage as far over the universe as is doable by a couple of billion cultees.

Does this cause new hurt by your (moderates) take on what you think is Islamophobia, a supposed irrational hatred of Islam? That's the best single word example of an oxymoron ever conjured.

For those of you from the general public who've stumbled onto this editorial, and who don't know the difference yet between apologist and non apologist literature about Islam, start your readings, or continue them in the second case with Raymond Ibrihim's The Alqaeda Reader. Learn the true power of the cult of Islam on the minds of the human conscience. It no longer exists in that world, which comes closer to us every day that we wait.

Jesse Collins
Intervening on Perpetrator controlled systems for 30 years
Author: The Etiotropic Trauma Management Series

And, currently in study at an unknown location with the Robert Spencer School for Islamophobic Certification.

Posted by Jesse Collins